Sang Yi’s Resolution Condemning Organ Harvesting Passes Unanimously

Fairfax City Council passed a resolution at its June 22 meeting in support of efforts to inform city residents and the medical community about the risks of traveling to the People’s Republic of China for organ transplants.

The resolution also formally expressed the council’s opposition to China’s state-sponsored forced organ harvest of minorities, religious groups and political prisoners.

“A large component of this practice involves forced harvesting of organs from individuals who did not consent to such actions,” City Attorney Brian Lubkeman said during the presentation of the resolution. “And there’s increasing evidence that many of these organs and much of this organ harvesting is state-sponsored. These organs are harvested from prisoners of conscience, specifically political prisoners and certain minority and religions groups.”

There are a lot of people who become medical tourists. It’s time to condemn the practice and raise awareness in the community.

“We needed to let more people, not just the council and mayor, but pretty much everybody in the United States know the evilness of Communist men,” [Eng Ma] said.

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