‘What It Means to Serve One’s Neighbors’ in Fairfax

Since Sang Yi works for the federal government, he’s professionally prohibited from taking his $12,000 salary as a Fairfax City councilman. So, again this year, he’s donating it to three worthy organizations.

At the outset of the Nov. 12 City Council meeting, he said he ran for office because he wanted to help people, and this is another way he can do it.

What we like to do in this community is [recognize] organizations who help other people,” said Yi. “And we have three organizations that assist others in need and make our community better.”

Introducing an appropriations resolution for his salary, he said $7,500 would go to the Fair Lakes Youth Association, $2,500 to the Josh Anderson Foundation and $2,000 to Yellow Ribbons United. He said the Fair Lakes Youth Association is a band of Fairfax High students who want to start robotics programs at Daniels Run and Providence elementary schools.

“I want to make sure that the STEM activities they learn in the classroom are supported,” said Yi. “And I’m really proud of the high-school students stepping up to support their community this way.”

Regarding the Josh Anderson Foundation, he said, “The number two cause of death in U.S. teenagers is suicide, and I’m bothered by that – it’s a terrible statistic. So we need to make sure we have resources for our students to be able to find another way out. This group does a lot of great work with suicide awareness and prevention at Fairfax High School.”

As for Yellow Ribbons United, Yi said, “As a military member, myself, this organization is close to my heart because of what it does for military families.” Then representatives of each entity came to the podium and explained to the City Council members exactly what their groups do to help others.

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